Looking to empower your audience as they FUNd their futures?

We've got the same goal. To transform the relationship between people and money.

10,000 people. That's how many lives I want to impact. Together, we can get my tools, resources, and strategies into the hands of the people that need it most through workshops, podcast interviews, and guest features.

Money Coach - Nicole Stork-Hestad, wears headphones and speaks into a microphone for a podcast interview

Who needs to hear what I've got to share?

I've worked with a wide range of 1:1 clients, retreats, and workshops. Many of my clients get support for their personal and business finances.

I've shared my strategies with authors, designers, veterinarians, CEOs, photographers, entrepreneurs, principals, parents, and couples planning their weddings. To name a few. This method works - regardless of career or stage in life.

Past speaking gigs include: the Rising Tide Society, Skills Lab, Women Leading Kentucky, Leadership Lab, as well as many podcasts and guest virtual workshops.