Fed up with feeling afraid of your finances?

Let’s break those money rules holding you back from buying the life you want to live.

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Goodbye, financial stress.
Hello, money confidence!

As a money coach, I show humans who are financially stressed AF how to make money decisions they love, so they can buy a life they’re proud to live without financial stress, confusion, or overwhelm.

And sometimes that means breaking the money management rules you’ve put on yourself like, “I have to be debt-free” or “I’ve got to prioritize my budget and my savings account.”

Because most of these rules were instilled in us by way of a broken, generationally perpetuated way of thinking based in fear, guilt, and shame. And let’s be honest, if they really worked, you wouldn’t be here right now.

Instead, I help you discover:

💰 What "enough" money looks like for you personally

💰 How to create "enough" money to reach your unique goals

💰 Where every dollar needs to go to keep you on track to get everything you've prioritized

So you can live your big, bold, beautiful life without the fear of financial decisions holding you back.

1:1 Money Coaching with Nicole

In our money coaching sessions, you’ll learn my foolproof, customized money management system, which will show you exactly where your money is and empower you to make confident, effective decisions about how to use it.

The Process

Intake & Diagnosis

We identify your most stressful money issues and decisions.

Then, we’ll get a clear read on your money patterns & behaviors.

Strategy & Implementation

Together, we create and implement a custom money management system—for personal finances, business finances, or both!

Decision Protocol

Together, we develop a money decision protocol to help you make the best financial decisions for you so you can implement new money moves seamlessly.

Mental Upgrades & Emotional Regulations

I’ll coach you on creating a bulletproof money mindset that 100% aligns with who you are, what’s important to you, and where you want to go in life.

The Timeline

The coaching package includes 16 sessions over 6 months.

But your relationship with money is a lifetime commitment.

The Investment

The investment is more than just money. You’ll also need to invest your time and commit to the process if you want to see results.

It’s going to be uncomfortable. But you’ll be challenged either way, so why not go for the challenge where you get to live the life you want?

I will not take money that you don’t have. But after we talk, if this is something you really want, I will tell you how to get there so you can come back when you’re ready.

The First Step

The first step is to book a consultation call to get to know each other and see if it’s a good fit. For some people, the call enough is alone to get them started on their journey to changing their relationship with money.

And it’s totally free!

So what are you waiting for?

Money Coaching for Small Business Owners

In addition to coaching individuals, I also work with small business owners (with teams of 20 or less).

If you’re a business owner, we will go one step further, as I coach you through your money drama and show you how to apply what you learn to your business to make smarter financial decisions and leverage debt effectively.

If you are currently managing your business finances like your personal finances, this option is for you. Your business should fund your life, not the other way around.

And I’m ready to help you get there.

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Am I the right money coach for you?

Look, I’m gonna give it to you straight. I’m a stiff drink. And the work we do together is raw and unfiltered.

I don’t sugarcoat or water down anything because I can’t be a bold advocate for your dreams and also be worried about whether you’ll be mad at me for saying what needs to be said.

You’re here to finally make the changes you need to take control of your financial situation. That means you’re going to have to work through things you’ve thought about money for a lifetime.

And while I can’t do the work for you, I am here to hold your hand through the process so you don’t feel alone. I am here to light a fire under your butt when you need it and sit with you when you’re in your big feelings.

I am here to fight for you and your financial goals until you believe in your own ability and power to fight for yourself.

Let me help you FUNd your most enjoyable life.

Financial confidence, stability, and enjoyment can be yours—regardless of how much is in your bank account, how much you owe in credit card debt, or what money habits you have right now.

All you have to do is decide to be all-in and show up to money coaching like your financial future depends on it.

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